Pinhole Litter Project

April 3, 2009 § Leave a comment


A global enviromental art project using Pinhole Photography and mail art.


Participants wanted to take part in a collaborative pinhole project that will help us clean up and re-engage with our surroundings, as well as learn about the art of pinhole photography.

Jamie invites anyone to take part in this collaborative project. He will work with people worldwide to collect discarded drinks cans, which he will convert into home-made pinhole cameras.

Later participants will use these cans to take photographs of the environment they where found in, the aim is to replace litter with a creative vision, the cans are later recycled.

Benefits: The opportunity to take part in a global project that will culminate in your work featuring on the project website and in print as a series of books.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Pinhole Litter News


Time has been precious lately; building camera obscura`s  and teaching….But i am back on track now making pinhole cans daily!!

So thank you everyone for sending me discarded cans for me to transform..

I was delighted the other day to be woken up by the postman with a beautifull packaged parcel of cans and images,from pinhole master Gregg Kemp…..

Then a two week later another parcel with twenty cans in from the U.S.A..

Thanks chaps..Keep clearing the streets!!

Watch the video:

Participtants Involved so far….

Jamie Hard at work
Jamie Hard at work

Drinks cans converted into Pinhole cameras
Drinks cans converted into Pinhole camera

DSCN0051 Correction

The boxes of Pinhole cans are mounting up!!


Over twenty Pinhole Cans from the U.S.A !!


Two discarded cans from New York City ready to be made into Pinhole cameras..


Three beautifully packaged cans from pinhole master Gregg Kemp all the way from the U.S.A.


A ghostly Pinhole negative from one of greggs cans.


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