My practice focuses on producing imagery using mail art and pinhole photography to examine the role of the `stranger` in society and why we are interested in people we don’t know, these images show chance encounters and intimate double exposure visual portraits, of people who have not met in person and only meet by the mediated gaze of the pinhole camera, relates to our way we remotely interact with others in the information age.
These images were a result of me sending a call out over the internet for people’s mail addresses. When I received the participant’s addresses I sent them a pinhole camera disguised as a parcel and asked them to take a portrait of themselves, and send it back to me and then I took a portrait of myself the resulting imagery is a ghostly spectral trace of two faces with their physiognomic features merged.
Jamie is a socially engaged, practising photographer who uses pinhole cameras. He collaborates with people worldwide, from established artists such as Jo Babcock and Justin Quinnell to emerging talents. Jamie use the collective power of mail art to realise his ideas and empower people.
Jamie’s latest project stranger is a collaborative pinhole photography project that examines the role of the `stranger` in society collaborating with people across the globe
Jamie has used pinhole photography and mail art in previous projects such as Pinhole Parcel Project where he constructed cameras disguised as parcels and posted them around the world, mapping the world with light.

Jamie is an Internationally exhibited artists most recent exhibitions include:

2010-That Gallery Hong Kong, Unwrap your mind Exhibition.
2010 Goa International Pinhole exhibition, New Delhi, touring to Goa and Mumbai.
2009-“X-ray of Fear”. Spain The gallery of the Educational Sciences Faculty (University of A Coruña)..
2009-“X-ray of Fear”. Spain Central gallery, Campus of Pontevedra (Universidade de Vigo).
2009- Camera obscura, Trerice at national trust property Cornwall, permanent camera obscura tent and light experimentation chamber, re-creating experiments by Isaac Newton. Aristotle and Grimaldi. Collaboration with pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell.
2009 – Ersatz camera work exhibition, San Francisco (U.S.A), collaboration with Jo Babcock.


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