Workshops and Talks

Photography Workshops

Jamie House

Day Rate for teaching £220.00

T: 01752 564419

The following workshops are run by Jamie House who is a fine art photographer and PGCE Qualified educator, who has recently exhibited his work internationally at prestigious venues such as; the Dali Gallery in the South Bank Centre, and Brighton Photo-Fringe festival. Jamie has helped organise Film Lab as the projector director for Lab Nights, this event provided both established artists and filmmakers a place to show their work alongside art students.

Jamie’s workshops have proven to be extremely popular in the non-dedicated venues and institutions he has taught at, that range from schools and Local council initiatives in non-dedicated spaces to universities. Jamie has worked for both Aim higher, gifted and talented, and widening Participation schemes, teaching age groups from 11 years old to adult learners.

Jamie Encourages people to experiment with photographic and art techniques, and caters for all levels of experience from people with no art or photographic background, to people with more ability.

“Jamie House encouraged them to work with and photographic paper pushing their imagination to transcend the bounds of traditional photography“, Annie Ross, Aim Higher coordinator at University College for the Arts, (Maidstone).

“Jamie’s experimental photography workshops, have made me look at the world in a different way when I walking down the street, making me more aware“, A workshop participant from Maidstone County Council Making it scheme.

“Thought provoking and very inspiring workshops, experimenting with a variety of techniques and styles“ Jackie Trinder, Head of art and design for Rochester School of Mathematics.

Workshops Jamie Can Deliver

 The workshops Jamie offers range from photographing objects , making pinhole cameras, camera obscurer’s, photogram’s, cyanotypes/Blueprints, and much more. 

All the workshops Jamie teaches can be tailor-made to different age groups and abilities, these workshops will give the participants the confidence and skills to almost immediately make visually arresting images at a very low cost. Most workshops can be adapted so they don’t require a darkroom.

3D Photographs

 Make visually stunning images, with your digital camera. Turn your everyday surroundings into something new and exciting.

Pinhole viewer workshop

Make an imaging viewing device from simple materials, which allow you to view the world in new and exciting ways. This device also is an invaluable tool in explain how light travels, and how the eye and brain perceive the world.

Camera Lucida

Use this ancient imaging device to perceive and view your surroundings in a new way using cardboard boxes and mirrors that will enable anybody to be an expert draftsman!

Portable Camera obscura

Take this opportunity to make an exciting portable walk in space to view the world in a new way. Make an imaging device that enables learners to trace and draw the world around them

This imaging device also has the following educational benefit:

-Explain how light travels in a straight line and is able to bounce off reflective objects.

-Understand that images are produced by light that passes through a small hole (aperture).

-Demonstrate how their pinhole viewer is able to produce an inverted image.

-Show how they can change the size of the pinhole viewer image by moving the screen closer or further from the pinhole.

-Use their viewers to view various objects, and enjoy!

-Use as a perspective device to aid drawing.

Sun Print

 Using this exciting technique participants can lay everyday objects onto light sensitive paper leave them in the sun, and produce unique images.

Pinhole Photography

 Using the age-old techniques of pinhole photography, learn how to make a fully working camera from a shoe box and make a 720 degree camera! No previous experience needed. Students throughout this workshop will employ both old and new technologies and learn the history and origins’ of pinhole photography.


Make direct, camera-less images from objects such as glass,paper,leaves and feathers, that are placed onto light sensitive paper, to make striking graphic images.

Liquid Emulsion

Coat a variety of different materials from bricks to hand-made paper with a light-sensitive emulsion, and explore the texture and tactility of different surfaces, then expose images onto your prepared surfaces to produce, a unique hand-made art object.

Basic 35mm Camera skills

Use 35mm cameras and explore shutter speeds and aperture, and what a great deal of creative control that can be yielded.

Medium Format Cameras

 Using a variety of medium format cameras, looking at the advantages and difference of quality and choice this larger format allows.

Photography and drawing

Develop confidence and self expression, in drawing and mark-making in this two-day workshop, including drawing from objects and the environment using non-traditional methods of drawing, which will translated and combined with experimental photographic techniques.


Using imagery from magazines and books and newspapers combined with photographic techniques, participants will explore methods of Montage different images together to create new meanings, and produce visually striking work.

Macro and Micro Photography

Using close up lenses and microscopes to explore exciting worlds, that can’t be observed with the naked eye.


A technique that allows you to coat a variety of surfaces and paper and then print images onto, it has a distinctive deep blue effect. Large images can be produced at a very cheap price.

Kinetic art

Explore light and motion through innovative and experimental photographic techniques in the darkroom.

 Photocopy Art

 Make visually stunning images by scanning in three dimensional and two dimensional objects and images. This workshop will explore composition, line, tone, form, layering of images and distortion and enlargement of selected parts of the image. Then tone and work over and change the surface quality.

Vaseline Print

By coating objects with Vaseline and exposing objects onto photographic paper to create unusual and unique images.

 Enlarging objects in the darkroom

By placing translucent objects in the enlargers negative carrier e.g.; a leaf or piece of fabric or an image you have photocopied onto acetate. Then enlarge the projected image onto photographic paper.


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